The Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - VT is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words. Its innovative display encourages exploration and learning. You'll understand language in a powerful new way.

Say you have a meaning in mind, like "happy." The VT helps you find related words, from "cheerful" to "euphoric." The best part is the VT works like your brain, not a paper-bound book. You'll want to explore just to see what might happen. You'll discover -- and learn -- naturally and intuitively. You'll find the right word, write more descriptively, free associate -- and gain a more precise understanding of the English or another language.

Search for a word in these languages:
English, German, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish.

Roll your mouse over a meaning to learn more about it.
Click on a meaning to bring it to the center.

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