Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Virtual Interpreter

SitePal is developed by Oddcast, a company that is dedicated to creating a wide array of innovative avatar (animated speaking character) products for corporations, small businesses and consumers.

Now we can see a virtual interpreter in action with a Text-to-Speach Translator.

Enter a text (25 languages availables) and translate from the text language to another, selecting a voice: UK, US, Scottich, Irish, Australian... and Say It.



  1. It's amazing! What an interesting tool! I'm thinking of a student who suffers from cerebral palsy and who can enjoy this resource very much.
    How did you insert it directly into your blog?
    Thank you!

  2. There is nothing like finding interesting applications such as the one you describe for this virtual interpreter!

    It's very easy to include this Virtual Interpreter into your blog. You only need go to this oddcast page and include as the source of a iframe tag, width="480" height="770". That's all!

    Visit this Text to Speech - TTS page to know a lot about these technologies.

    Please, tell me your impression about it.


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