Friday, August 7, 2009

Learn Sign Language

Sign Language is best taught in person. The language is a visual / gestural one and requires instruction on the appropriate way to make the signs and how to move them to make sense.

Is Sign Language the same in all countries?

No, just like spoken languages, sign languages evolve and develop within a unique culture. Each country uses their own unique sign language. ASL, American Sign Language, is used in The United States.


  1. Thanks for providing the information about Sign language, keep it up.

  2. Ya era horade que la gente se peocupara por el lenguaje de signos.En mi cole tenemos un sordo que aprende muy rápido.Lo más difícil es buscar material adaptado,aunque yo tuve una profe de audición y una intérprete de signos que me ayudaron un montón.


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