Wednesday, February 24, 2010

English Speak lessons, phrases and words is a free and award winning new system for learning to speak English. The program contains lessons that give special attention to English pronunciation and everyday language. With over 100 lessons, provides a large amount of audio content. Users have access to two different speeds of playback for each item.

Website (All content is free):
Learn English

List of lessons:
English Lessons

Sample Lesson:
English Lesson 35 - At the restaurant.

To hear a sentence pronounced, click the sound icon in the audio column.

To hear a word pronounced, place the cursor over a word.

To see the meaning of a word, click on the word.

Choose your language: English - Bahasa Indonesia - Bengali - Burmese - Chin - Deutsch - Español - Français - हिन्दी - Portugues - Pусский - ไทย - Tiếng Việt
and more...


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