Friday, February 26, 2010

Learn English on Internet for free

Some good websites to learn English language online without paying anything in return: Focuses solely on speaking English, you will learn how to say something that will be used in daily conversation. English lessons about travel, business, interviews and most common phrases listen into the real life conversation. is a free Web site funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support immigrants who want to learn or improve their English skills as they become part of American society. Designed as an online tool for learning English outside of a classroom, the site offers contextualized practice activities in listening, reading, writing, speaking and life skills necessary for success at work and in the community. Click a course to help you improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

esl-lounge Student The first thing you should do on this site is to complete the level test. A comprehensive guide to English grammar, divided into four levels: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced. is the free English megaportal preferred by Hispanic speakers with 13 free courses with final exam and certification. From children, beginners, basic to advanced level, including TOEFL and FIRST TEST CERTIFICATE.

Learners need a computer with:
• Mouse to click and scroll
• Keyboard to write letters, punctuation, backspace, shift key, space bar
• Up-to-date Web browser with the Flash plug-in to navigate the web
• Fast broadband Internet connection (384 Kpbs or faster)
• Sound card
• Speakers or headphones
• Use of microphone is optional


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