Monday, April 12, 2010

Grammarly Perfect Text

Who Uses Grammarly?

School and Academic Research
Academic writing comprises a wide set of norms and genres that are difficult to grasp. Grammarly gives students an indispensable proofreading tool that not only catches plagiarism, grammar and style mistakes, but also delivers instructional feedback that serves to make students better writers

International Business
English is firmly entrenched nearly everywhere as the international language of business. Grammarly is used by businessmen from all parts of the world who want to communicate more clearly with their partners and customers.

Social Media and Blogs
Correct grammar and spelling are pivotal for blogger reputation and credibility. Grammarly provides bloggers with a 360-degree view of writing mistakes in a post and ensures that their writing is always up to professional standards.

Annual Subscription — $7.95/month*


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