Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The World Map of Languages for Teachers

The World Map of Languages by EuroTalk.

There are 6,900 living languages in the world and many thousands more dialects.

EuroTalk Non Profit Simple Lessons on Important Subjects

Our Interactive video lessons cover a vast range of topics, with an emphasis on health and primary education. The lessons are all listed below. Click to see which languages each lesson is available in.

Here’s a quick taster of the way we teach languages. You don’t have to stop there. Select another language to learn, or check out our full products.

Welcome to EuroTalk Education for Primary, Secondary and Higher Education Teachers.

EuroTalk has designed its software to keep your students engaged and entertained at the same time as giving you detailed feedback about their progress and the ability to direct their learning and set them goals within the program.

Our software is in schools, colleges and institutions worldwide. It can be networked and is compatible with interactive projectors and whiteboards and we’ll give you any technical support you need throughout the entire lifetime of your product.


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