Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google automatic translate

Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text, web pages or document on the fly.

Hello my friends, enter text, a webpage URL or upload a document (submit your file as a PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS or RTF)

If you're learning English, you can click the speaker icon to hear a spoken version of your translation. This feature is currently only available for short translations to English.

Google Translate is an automatic translator -- that is, it works without the intervention of human translators, using state-of-the-art technology instead. Most commercial machine-translation systems in use today have been developed using a rule-based approach, and require a lot of work to define vocabularies and grammars.

Google Translate system takes a different approach; feed the computer billions of words of text, both monolingual text in the target language, and aligned text consisting of examples of human translations between the languages. then apply statistical learning techniques to build a translation model.

Google Translate currently supports translation between any of 51 languages.


  1. I love Google Translate because of the audio pronunciation and live translation, but with only one translator, you never know if the translation is accurate. I think it is better to use the Spanish translation tool from It has three translators (including Google) so that you can compare the translations and find the best option.

  2. Adela, thanks for your comment on my blog and for sharing with us the Spanish translation tool.
    You must know that you can use more than 10 translators into my blog here or searching by "translators" on the blog label cloud.
    But there are few online translators for all the Spanish dialects, by example.
    Try this free online translators list


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